Three Phases of Jumping Rope



Jumping rope helps a lot to reduce body fat. It’s really an awesome fat burning workout. Basically there are three phases of rope jumping.Those are:


  1. Load phase
  2. Flight phase
  3. Landing phase


During jumping rope in every jump you will follow these three phases. Let’s have a brief idea about three phases of rope jumping. 


Load phase

In the load phase you need to balance your body onyour feet balls. At this time you should bend your knees to some extent too.


Flight phase

Flight phase includes muscular reductions. With each jump muscular reductions push your body high enough to clear the rope.


Landing phase

In the landing phase you go back to the ground from flight phase. At this time you balance your body weight on your feet balls by bending your knees. You do this to absorb the impact of the landing.