Steps of Jumping Jacks




Jumping jack is a very well-known fat burning workout. This fat burning workout is performed specially by jumping.


Jumping jack is an easy and effective fat burning workout. People of all ages can perform this fat burning workout. Here I am giving your idea about the steps of this popular fat burning workout.


  1. Before starting this effective fat burning workout, hand and leg muscle stretching is very necessary. Otherwise you may face muscle injury.
  2. After stretching stand on your feet and keep them together. At the same time keep your two arms both sides of your body.
  3. Jump one or two inches off the ground.
  4. After jumping in the air move your two legs towards left and right side of your body. At the same time lift up your arms over your head.
  5. At the end of this fat burning workout return to the starting position and repeat the whole process.