Push-Up Very Common Exercise



Push-up is very popular fat burning workout like jumping jack. In this article, I will provide you some information related to this wonderful fat burning workout.


Push-up is a conditioning workout that means this fat burning workout is followed by a regular workout program to attain physical fitness.


Marvelous fat burning workout push-up is performed in a prone position. You may know what prone position is. It is a specific position in which someone is lying downward.   


To do this magical fat burning workout at first you have to lie on the ground with your palms by keeping your face down. Then push your body up and down with your arms. During this workout session support your body on your toes and hands and try to keep your back straight.


This fat burning workout is specially designed for strengthening arm and forearm muscles.It also helps to boost the strength of chest muscle. Not only that, this superb fat burning workout helps a lot to build strong core.