Low-Fat Dairy Products



Low-fat dairy products are considered as one of the most effective fat burning foods. So in order to burn your extra body fat low-fat dairy products like yogurt, cheese or low-fat milk can be very useful.



By adding these wonderful fat burning foods in your daily meal chart you can achieve your goal to lose weight as well as to lose belly fat.


Low-fat dairy products help to increase the rate of metabolism. Research shows, by consuming these fat burning foods you can boost your weight loss process almost double.


Low-fat dairy products recipe: Yogurt

You can prepare yogurt at home very easily.Though the preparation time for making yogurt is near about fifteen minutes but to get the final product you may have to wait almost six hours. So be patient and get this healthy fat burning food.



  • Milk-two and half cups 
  • Plain yogurt-one tablespoon (near about fifteen ml)
  • Skim milk powder-one or two tablespoons



  • Blend skim milk powder and yogurt to form a smooth paste.
  • Mix the smooth yogurt paste with the milk. Before mixing with the paste heat the milk mildly.
  • After mixing yogurt paste and milk keep the mixture inside a clean flask. Then wait near about six hours.
  • After six hours you will get the final product. Keep this fresh yogurt inside a hygienic container.
  • You can store the fresh yogurt in a fridge for near about five days.