Jumping Rope Steps




If you want to reduce your body fat as well as lose your weight then you can follow one of the most effective fat burning workouts jumping rope. To do this wonderful fat burning workout you need to know about its process. By reading this article you will be able to know some steps related to this fabulous fat burning workout.


Select a rope

Select a rope with two handles. The length of the rope should not exceed over your shoulder when it is folded in half.   


Grab the rope

Grab two handles of the rope with your two hands.


Expand your hands

Expand your hands along with your forearms minimum one foot away from your body. Hang the rope behind your body. At this time the center of the rope should hit your feet’s back.


Swing the rope

Swing the rope above your head with your wrists and hands. Jump over the rope when it comes at the front of your feet. Push off with your feet balls by standing on your tiptoes.


Keep your back straight and look straight

During this fat burning workout, try to keep your back straight. Throughout the workout session look straight at your front. After getting the rhythm never look at your feet. Otherwise you may lose your balance.