Jumping Rope Precautions



As one of the most effective fat burning workouts, jumping rope can be very helpful to lose weight as well as body fat. To perform this magical fat burning workout you should follow some basic precautions. Let us get some idea about them.     


  1. Try to use beaded rope instead of vinyl rope. Because beaded rope is easier to control than vinyl rope. 
  2. Do this fat burning workout on a hard surface. Wooden surface is preferable. However, do not jump on concrete.
  3. Always put on athletic shoe during this fat burning workout.         
  4. Avoid jumping on carpet. Because carpet decreases impact of the workout. Not only that, carpet may grab your shoe. As a result your knee or ankle can be twisted. Besides carpet try to avoid jumping on grass too.     
  5. To perform jumping rope you should use exercise mats. Standard size of the mat should be six feet by four feet.