Fat Burning Workouts for Woman



Very few people don’t want to stay fit. Especially woman are keener to maintain their physical attractiveness. As the time goes, most of the woman finds exercise very boring and strenuous. The workouts plan must be entertaining and enjoyable for woman. You may see that many women go to the gym in-group. They want to be comfortable with the environment and have fun while doing workouts.


Having fun in is obvious to get result in the end. Try to understand what makes you motivated towards workouts. Some workouts ideas are given here for woman.


Marching Glute Bridge

Lie down on the floor and bent your knees. Keep your feet flat to the floor. Push your hips up and take a position like straight line from your shoulder to knees. Now raise your right knees towards your head. Keep this position for two seconds, take your leg down and repeat it with your right leg.


Inverted shoulder press

Put your hands on the floor and transfer your body weight to your hands. Raise your hips and take a position of 90­­­­0 to your hip. In this position bend your elbow and low it as much as you can until your head touch the floor. Repeat this process.


Alternating switch lunge

Take your right leg ahead lower your both knees by bending. Put your body weight to the right heel to go back to standing position. During this time keep, your foot lifted. Now transfer your body weight on left heel and return to standing position.


Skater hops

Step on your left foot bending your knee slightly and raise your right foot of the floor. Now jump on the right side with your right foot lifting your left foot off the floor. Then jump to your left side and keep repeating.


Rotating extension

First, take a position of push up. Put your weight in balanced position and transfer your weight to the left arm. Now move your torso to the right side and take your right arm up. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Repeat this movement from the beginning.


Besides there are some other easy workouts for woman like

  • Push up
  • squats
  • side planks
  • v-crunch


If you want to get your desired result then exercise at least 30 seconds each of these exercise. Try to do as many times or reps as you can. If you can don’t take rest in between. After completing all these exercise then take rest for a minutes.