Fat Burning Workouts at Home




Fat burning workouts are very effective to lose weight as well as body fat.You can do these fat burning workouts in both gym and home.


But if you fail to find out time from your busy life for gym then you can do fat burning workouts at home too. You can do the following fat burning workouts at home regularly:


  1. Ten push-ups or knee push-ups.
  2. Fifteen to twenty jumping jacks.Do you know about jumping jacks? It is one kind of physical jumping exercise. 
  3. Ten squats or lunges.If you do not know about squat and lunge then I can inform you about these two effective workouts. Squat is a full body workout.It works mainly on the muscles of hip and thigh. Lungeis another workout where a leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground. At the same time other leg is positioned behind.
  4. Ten crunches. Do you know about crunches? Crunches are very well known abdominal workouts.
  5. Dumbbell is a very useful instrument for fat burning workouts related to weight lifting. As part of fat burning workouts pick-up dumbbells and overhead up and down 10 times.