Fat Burning Foods for Women


Women are the most health conscious than men. They lose their fitness if any minor negligence is occurred they tend to lose their fitness. That’s why women are naturally very fastidious. They follow very strict diet plan to maintain their body. But it becomes sometime problematic and most of the women fall sick.


Here I will describe some fat burning foods for woman, which are delicious and healthy as well.



You may have tested many types of meat and you may like fat added meats. But when you are trying to burn fat you should skip fatty meat. You can take lean meat breast chicken or turkey. Chicken and turkey are not only healthy but also delicious. As it is mostly protein rich, it causes you feel you full and burns your fat.



Among the green vegetables spinach is healthy and t tasty. Moreover, it quickens bowel movement and increase metabolism. It is full with antioxidant so your immune system is boosted. It has a few calories and you can eat any amount of it without adding any extra calories.


Oily fish

Normally woman does not like fish but if fat burning is your goal then you should take fish like tuna, salmon, sardine etc. These fish are delicious too to satisfy your palate. Fish like these contain a hormone called leptin, which regulates metabolism. It also determines whether your energy will be burned or stored as fat.



Popcorn is mainly popular as snack but I would suggest you to add it in your regular meal to get a reason of burning fat. It is filled with fiber and antioxidants. The number of calories varies with the process of making popcorn. Air popped popcorn is higher in calories. You should try microwave-baked popcorn.


Chia seeds

It is a fiber rich food; it lowers cholesterol level and fat absorption significantly. Many people don’t know that chia seed is protein rich food. It is said that if you want to lose weight quickly then reduce carb intake and increase protein intake in your meal. It contains 14% protein which causes you feel fuller long time consequently you loses weight.


Most of the women fear to change their diet thinking that potential negative effect of new foods. What items described here requires little change to incorporate in your meal. But it will reduce your weight dramatically.