Fat Burning Foods and Drinks


Dieting or not dieting, it is a common confusion for those who are concern for losing weight. Most of the people stick to the monotonous dieting plan and in the mid-way, they quit. It is true that following a rule for a long period is very tough. Particularly if it is related with eating habit, the life becomes very disturbing.

Some foods and drinks are natural in losing weight. You don’t need to take any extra effort to lose weight. These fat burning foods and drinks which are instinct in weight loss process. These foods increase the burning calories and reduce appetite naturally.



There is a stigma relating nuts that it is very high fat containing foods. But this fat is very beneficial for your health. Nut is low in carbs but high in calories. But the interesting matter is our body cannot absorb 10-15% nutrients of it due to it different structure. It makes you highly satiated so you feel full stomach. People who regularly take nuts tend to have thin waistline.


Boiled potatoes

Potatoes have properties of making you fat or reducing weight based on its making process. When you eat French fries, it will make fat but only plain potatoes promotes weight loss. There is a satiety index, which tests the ability of feeling full of every food. In this index boiled potatoes ranks highest among the all foods. So if you eat boiled potatoes then you will feel less hungry throughout the way.



Caffeine, the element of coffee temporarily increases fat burning. But it has little evidence that it can control weight in the long term. A recent study shows that 600 mg of coffee burn 79-150 calories. But this reduction is found among those who drink it irregularly.


Green Tea

Green tea also contains a little amount of caffeine that aid fat reduction. Some other substances affect weight loss progress. EGCG an antioxidant liberates fatty acids from fat stores. Green tea juice increases the metabolism and fat burning as well.


Hot peppers

Capsaicin containing hot peppers such as chili pepper has appetite-reducing ability. But for many people it is not attractive option to reduce weight. If you are fond off spicy foods and want to reduce weight then it will be best option for you. Remember it is temporarily effective. It efficiency depends on your tolerance level.


Water and whole egg are also helps in fat burning process. One of the advantages of these foods is you can eat any amount of these without leaving other foods.