Fat Burning Food Turmeric


Turmeric is popular for its strong color and smell that brings an attractive look in every dish. Apart from these properties, it has anti-inflammatory characteristics. That’s why it has been used for treating various disease since the civilization begun. It treats obesity and cure metabolites disorder.


Our liver plays a crucial role in burning fat. When the liver becomes damaged then it loses detoxification ability. But turmeric helps to boost detoxification process and protect cells from being damaged. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol level and helps to reduce weight.


Calories burned by turmeric


One teaspoon of turmeric contains only eight calories and this amount provide only .2 g fat. Besides, it supplies sodium, carbs, protein calcium and potassium. It is a water rich spice that offers a very low calorie with plenty amount of it.



Turmeric and ginger tea




  • Chopped raw turmeric
  • Chopped raw ginger
  • Hot water
  • Raw honey




Firstly, put turmeric and ginger in the kettle together and add some hot water. Now stir it with a spoon and pour down into cups. You can add raw honey with the drink if you want.