Fat Burning Food Triticale


Apart from fat burning properties Triticale has a number of benefits including digestive efficiency, boost of metabolic rate, prevents diabetes, provides energy, protects skin diseases and increase blood circulation. It is great source of fiber intake which helps in making bulk up stool and quickens stool movement through intestine. At the same time it intensify absorption of nutrients. It supplies your body proper nutrition with small amount of food.

It has same flavor like wheat and rye. So it can be a good alternative for wheat flour. Or you can mix it with whole flour because it is low in fat cholesterol to bring some nutritional balance. Being low in fat and cholesterol Triticale promotes fat burning.


Calorie Content and Nutritional Fact


Per serving of Triticale contain 645 calories including 36 calories from fat. Each cup of Triticale contains 25 g protein and 138 g carbohydrate. Additionally you will get sodium iron and calcium.


Triticale Chia Recipe


  • One cup warm water
  • Four tbsp. olive oil
  • One tbsp. ground black pepper
  • One third cup of chia seeds
  • One tbsp. baking powder
  • One tbsp. sea salt
  • Two cups triticale flour




Heat an oven to 350°. Take all the ingredients together except olive oil and stir it in bowl properly Add olive oil with three-fourth cup of water. Now make a dough mixing all ingredients by pressing it few times. Put it aside for 10 minutes. Now oil two cookie sheet. Cover it rolling the dough in half. Shape the dough as your desired cracker size. Keep the dough in the oven until it becomes brown then keep them aside from the oven and keep in a container.