Fat Burning Food: Tomatoes




It can be apple of discord that whether a tomato is fruit or vegetables. Whatever you call, the benefits of tomatoes will remain same in fat burning.Tomato is magical food that can dramatically reduce your weight.


In a recent study it is found that a tomato has anti fat element called 9-oxo-ODA. Besides beta carotene and lycopene which are mostly found in tomatoes are also crucial for fat burning. If you want to know how to get fit belly and smaller waist then tomatoes can be foremost option for you. It has no fat. It is easy to digest as it has little fiber.


Calories burn

If you are planning to reduce your weight or burning fat no other food can be better than tomatoes. A large tomato contains only 33 grams of calories. And a medium one has almost 13 calories. So you can keep tomatoes in your everyday meal as much as you can without any fear of increasing weight.


Recipe: Rainbow salad of tomatoes




To keep your fat burning you can have this colorful salad recipe in your daily meal. This salad can good partner with grilled meat.


To make this attractive recipe you need 2 lbs tomatoes, a bunch of basil, marjoram, little olive oil. lemon juice and cloves sea salt.


Slice the tomatoes into smaller pieces then mix it with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil. Scatter some marjoram, salt and red basil leaves on the salad. Moreover, it is ready to burn your fat from body without any hard work.