Fat Burning Food Pomegranate


Pomegranate is such a juice that can be used as an alternative to other unhealthy soft drinks. It is a low calorie fruit with little natural sugar.  It refreshes mind with delicious taste and provides various nutrients needed for body.


Some researcher suspects that Pomegranate directly causes weight loss.  But they agree that one of the nutrients that contains in Pomegranate called polyphenols causes weight loss. Polyphenols helps to keep blood vessel free from fat. It makes arteries expansion and contraction process smooth and protects from being squeezed. This function of Pomegranate also prevents heart related diseases. It lowers bad cholesterol level and increases good cholesterol level. It keeps blood pressure in check as it helps to decrease fat contents from blood.  


Calories burned by Pomegranate


Half cup juice contains 72 calories with only 1 g of fat and no cholesterol. This amount of juice can provide 16.3 g carbs and 1.5 g protein. Another characteristics is it makes you feel full so you will not desire to eat a lot.


Cucumber and Pomegranate salsa         


  • One Pomegranate
  • One cucumber
  • Two three tomatoes
  • Green pepper
  • Hot chili
  • ½ bunch mint and coriander
  • Black pepper and Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice      




You have to cut the Pomegranate in half and gently squeeze with your finger to bring out the seeds. Then add all the ingredients together to stir well and keep it in freezer to chill.