Fat Burning Food: Hot Peppers




If you want to lose extra fat from your body then you can try hot peppers. Study shows, this extraordinary fat burning food helps to burn extra calories as well as extra fat of your body.


According to a research, one component of hot pepper called DTC helps to increase calorie burning rate. This magical fat burning food may burn 100 to 200 extra calories per day.


Another research says, hot peppers may increase metabolism rate or they can keep you away from the feeling of hunger for a long time.      


Hot peppers recipe: Roasted jalapeno honey butter



Two jalapenos

Honey; ¼ cup

Butter; two sticks



Put two jalapenos inside a broiler. Then cook for a while. Stop cooking when all sides of the jalapenos are well-cooked.

Near about 5 minutes of cooking remove the ribs, seeds and skin of the jalapenos. Then cut the jalapenos into ¼ inch slice. 


Fluff up the jalapenos, butter and honey in an electric mixer. Store this mixture in a fridge for 7 days. It’s better to keep the mixture inside an airtight pot.


Smoky flavor of well-cooked jalapenos and sweet honey will give you an extraordinary taste. And when the flavor of butter adds with jalapenos and honey the taste becomes simply awesome.


You can eat this wonderful roasted jalapeno honey butter with grilled chicken. You can eat this superb dish with grilled corn too.