Fat Burning Food Coconut


Coconut is a fat based food but this fat is weight loss friendly fat. It is loaded with fatty acid, which strengthen metabolism process. If you add coconut in your diet, it removes harmful fat from your abdomen. Another important property of it is thermogenic, which enables our body to burn more calories.


To lose weight you have to remain in calorie deficit. Coconut decrease your appetite so that you can reduce calorie consumption. So it maintains your calorie deficit.    


Fat burned by coconut


Any fat based food you take it contains 9 calories per gram and coconut is same. Therefore, if you take coconut-counting calories then you will be satisfied with small amount of foods. it is not like adding extra calories rather replacing calories. But if you take coconut counting you calories then it will reduce your fat by curbing your appetite.   


Raspberry coconut bar




  • Two to three cups graham cracker crumbs
  • Half cup butter
  • Two cups flaked coconuts
  • Four ounces sweetened condense milk
  • One cup seedless raspberry preserves
  • One-third cup walnuts
  • Half cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Quarter cup white baking chips 




Take cracker crumbs and butter in a bowl. Crush it in a baking dish covered with cooking spray. Scatter coconut and soak with milk. Now bake it at 350° for 30 minutes. Then scatter preserves on it. Scatter walnuts. Melt the chocolate chips in a oven. Then melt white chips. Now cut it according to your preferred size and keep it in a freeze to be set.