Fat Burning Food: Cinnamon




When you accumulate too much fat in your belly then your chances of developing heart diseases and diabetes are very high. But balance diet and mild exercise removes this extra fat. Cinnamon has fat removing capability from your belly. It is easy to add cinnamon to almost every dish. So you can have a fat removing dish in every meal.


Cinnamon initiates the insulin activity so that blood sugar level remains in balance. When your blood sugar level is too high then it causes to store too much fat in your body. Cinnamon deters this fat building process. It has ability to strengthen the metabolism of not only sugar but also carbohydrate. It lowers your cholesterol level. On the other side it slows down your food moving into your intestine. As a result you feel full and less appetite for longer period.


Calories burned by cinnamon

When you add sugar and cream in your coffee instead of cinnamon stick,you are having almost 70 calories more. So mix your coffee with cinnamon and burn 70 calories per cup.  


Cinnamon recipe

Cinnamon is such a spice that is kept in every household. However,it is used in every common dishes. Here are some dishes in which you can add cinnamon.


  • Spread a tbsp of cinnamon on breakfast oatmeal.
  • Make cinnamon honey mix.
  • You can add it in your tea or coffee.
  • Mix it in your fruit juice.
  • You can make cinnamon capsule.


You have to keep in mind that there is no such magic stick that can reduce your weight dramatically. But you can add cinnamon with your almost every meal so you don’t need to take any extra effort for weight loss. You have to take a tbls per day and see what difference it makes.