Fat Burning Food Cayenne


Cayenne or Cayenne pepper is a species of capsicum. It grows near to 12 inches. Normally it is used in meat, fish, and chicken curry or soup. It is a very good source of vitamin A, B6, K, manganese and fiber. The main element of Cayenne is capsaicin. This element is thermogenic that regulates your metabolism and appetite. Cayenne causes you feel full. You will have less desire to eat more. It increases energy expenditure. Therefore, what you consume as calorie is spent very quickly.    


However, you have be careful in using Cayenne. Because it is too spicy. So if you want to burn fat with Cayenne pepper then start with small amount of it. Too much of it will burn your mouth. If it starts burning, don’t drink water rather you can drink milk to relieve burning.


Calorie burning by Cayenne


Any type of spice including Cayenne causes to raise body temperature. When it happens, our body starts burning calories. It increases metabolism by 25 percent so calorie burning also increases.


Master cleanse




  • Two tbsp. lemon juice
  • Two tbsp. maple syrup
  • Cayenne pepper
  • One glass of water




Take all the ingredients together and stir properly. Then drink. Simple!