Fat Burning Food Black Pepper


Black pepper is not only a staple that is found in every kitchen but also a full package of multiple health benefits. A pinch black pepper can make difference in your healthy life. Most of the differences it brings in your weight management. A little bit black pepper can help to become slim and change the way you look.


A question may arise how black pepper contributes in fat burning. It contains piperine that promotes weight loss. Piperine interferes genes that regulates the generation of fat cells. Consequently the ore you consume black pepper the more you burn fat. At the same time piperine eliminates fat from blood what helps better absorption of nutrients. It also produce an acid called hydrochloric acid, which is essential for digesting protein and foodstuff and keep clear the intestine. Black pepper detoxify you’re the internal system that means it helps to get toxins out of the body. In a study, it is proved that pepper foods increase metabolism.   


Calorie and Nutrition Facts


Per gram of contains 3 calories along with 0.6 g of carbohydrate, 0.3 gram of dietary fiber and 0.1 gram of protein. Besides, it contains 4.4 mg of calcium and 12.6 mg of potassium.




  • Kosher salt
  • Peanut oil
  • One tbsp. ground black pepper.
  • Two large russet potatoes. 




You need to heat peanut oil in pan to 300°. Cut the potatoes into thin slices with a slicer. Now you have to keep the potatoes in a bowl of cold water around 30 minutes. Then rinse the potatoes in a strainer and wipe out with paper. At this phase, fry the potatoes batch wise for three to four minutes. When they become brown, pick them from the pan and keep in a paper towel. Then sprinkle pinches of black pepper and salt.