Fat Burning Exercise for Men


Most of the time the purpose determines what kind of exercise to do. If you want to build muscle, it is suggested to do workouts with heavy equipment. But if you try to lose fat then particular type of workout is required. I suggest those moves that are easy to perform. As this article is written for male, so they can combine hard and soft workouts.


Goblet squat

If you are a fan of squat exercise then I would suggest doing goblet squat. It is very safe and easy than other squats. You just need a dumbbell and kettle bell. Hold it, sit and stand, repeat the process. You can try 10 reps per minutes for 10 minutes. Hold such a weight that is at least half of your weight.


Dumbbell skier swing

It helps to maintain fitness and lose fat as running does. At the same time, it builds mass muscle, increase metabolism rate. Most of the people crave for having muscle on their back, hamstring and gluts and these workouts can serve very well. You have to close your legs; it will help you not to hit your thighs. It also compels you to move at hip than knees. If you want to do hand swing then move kettle bell from hand to hand.


Dumbbell farmers walk

Walking is the best exercise for all age. There is no restriction for anybody if he or she interested in walking. Walking benefits you in long term. When you walk it influence low impact calorie burn. Add some effort to your walking so that you can burn more calories.


Box squat jump

Some exercise like polymeric exercise stimulates muscle fiber. It is beneficial for those who are overweight. Before starting box squat jump, set up the height of the box. It should be as high as you are comfortable. Take a position like the one you are sitting and jump on the table. Now jump on the floor keeping same position.


Battle rope wave

If you want to start an exercise without any preparation or warm up, there is an exercise like battle rope wave for you. It is very easy for your lower body joints. Try it for 10-20 seconds and take rest for 40-50 seconds. You can alternate different variations keeping your back and abs flat.


Bear crawl 

Crawling is such an exercise that you don’t need to learn as you are already known since your infant period. The same thing you can perform for reducing some fat chunk from your body. It improves rib and the mechanism of breathing. It strengthens wrist, hands, etc. at the same time it boost your lunging mechanics.


These simple workouts for male are facing many problems regarding overweight or extra fat. Undoubtedly, you can desire to shed off some fat performing these workouts in proper way.