Fat Burning Exercise


People with overweight often become confused thinking how to burn fat and do many harmful exercises without knowing the proper process of doing it. So most of the time, they get opposite result and gain more fat. If you try some specialized workouts, it will be easy to burn fat effectively. Particularly aerobics workouts are most effective ways promoting fat burning.


Free hand workouts like walking, jogging or running are perfect option to burn calories. These workouts help to burn fat from entire body. If you want to reach to optimal fat burning stage, you need to take your hear t rate between 60 to 85 percent of maximum rates. Here you will get some ideas regarding fat burning workouts.


Swiss ball plank Circle

First, take a Swiss ball and take a push up position on it. You have to lower your arms parallel to the ball surface. But keep your body straight. You can roll the ball with your elbows clockwise and counterclockwise. You can do it at least two sets.


Dumbbell Romania Deadlift

Take dumbbell in each hand. Now push your waist in the backside and bend your torso forward. Keep lowering your body until you get stretch in your hamstring and press your glutes when you come back up.


Dumbbell high pull

First hold dumbbells in hands and keep it below your knees just bending your waist. Lower your waist as low as you can. Then forcefully extend your hip and pull the dumbbells up to shoulder level or above as per your comfort level.


Front squat to press

Keep your dumbbell at your shoulder level and stand on your feet. Lower your back half way. Now stand straight and take the dumbbell overhead. Try 3 sets with 6 reps of it.


Snatch grip Deadlift

Rest a bar on rods below 2 inches of knees. Hold the bar and lift it to your normal standing position. Then put it on the floor. Do this workout 3 set.


Inverted row

Put a barbell in a rack at your hip height. Lie down under it and hold it with your hands. Now hang on the bar. Push yourself to up until your back is contracted. Three sets in 10 reps is enough to burn your fat.


These workouts are particularly good enough for burning weight. So try all of these workouts in rotation wise every day. For better result, you can do workouts every other day.