Fat Burning Drinks


Gaining weight is such a health issue that affects people irrespective their gender. This modern day, say it is men or woman, everyone is concern their look. That’s why no one wants to carry excessive weight in their body. On the other side, everyone seeks easy ways to burn fat. But all the easy ways are not that easy as it is considered. Sometimes easy ways show some improvement instantly but it becomes reason of various side effects in long term.  


I would suggest some easiest ways to burn fat with some simple fat burning drinks. Drinks keeps your organism hydrated and causes you feel full. At the same time, it is a favorable replacements high calorie and sugary drinks.


Green tea

If you ask me to name a healthy drink then I would rank green tea as number 1. It has various properties along with fat burning. Mostly it purifies blood and gets the toxic elements out of the body. Another interesting matter is it cheers mental health. When you feel tired and depressed, try a cup of green tea. You feel the difference. At the same time, it improves skin health and removes dark spots from your skin. Even it has cancer-protecting antioxidants.


Green tea contains a beneficial antioxidants named Catechins that protects cells and sometimes it repair damage cells. In research, it is found that it increases blood flow, controls cholesterol levels and prevents heart related diseases.


Detox drink 

It is most popular and used drinks for weight loss in America and Europe. It has been tested millions of time and shows positive results in fat burning. It helps in emitting extra water from body and reduces bloating.

It is very easy to make Detox drink and you need some staff for it. It takes 60 oz of distilled water, one tbls unsweetened cranberry juice, dandelion root tea, two tbls lemon juice. Boil the distilled water and put some tea. Let the tea boiled for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bag and add the other ingredients. Drink it for seven days and feel the difference


Pine apple and kiwi smoothie

Most of the people don’t like vegetable and masala juice. So, for those pine apple and kiwi smoothie can entertain their palate. Take few slices of pineapple and kiwi and blend it without any sugar. Now add some skim milk and almond. Drink it and enjoy.


Arabian tea mixed with ginger, cumin, mint

It is a very effective solution for fat burning since ancient times. This drink is mostly used in Arab world. That’s why it is named after Arab. Arabian tea mainly stimulates and instigates the metabolism rate. As a result, energy that you consume don’t get any chance to be stored as fat. To make Arabian tea you will need-

  • 1 tbsp tea leaves.
  • 1 tbsp cumin seeds
  • Chopped mint
  • 1 tbsp ginger


Take all the elements together in 16 ounce water and boil it for 10-12 minutes.  Then filter it and drink the tea before half an hour of your meal.

All these drinks are easy to make and undoubtedly take effects within a very short span of time. So drink it and burn fat at your own level of comfort.