Diamond Pushups

It is a popular form of push up which requires technique and good execution. If it is performed well then it provides plenty of benefits. If you perform this workout in the wrong way you are not going to get absolute benefit from it.


Steps for doing diamond push up

  • Get a mat on which you can perform the workout. It will help you to feel comfortable while performing this.
  • Lie down facing the mat and extend your arms and legs for being ready.
  • Touch the mat with your palms and close your fingers so that they form a diamond like shape, take your knees down on the mat. 
  • Take your torso down, extend your abs and chest and then push up.



As it is targeted for the upper body parts so it makes your triceps and chest strong/. It also improves your nervous system and keeps your mind cheerful. Your core body parts will be toned as it eradicate fat from these parts.