Details of Basic Push-Ups


As you already know a little about basic push-ups. Three basic push-ups include standard push-up, wide arm push-up and diamond push-up. In this article,I am writing about these three basic push-ups in details.


Standard push-up

In standard push-up, your arms push your body upward but get support from your knees instead of your toes. During this fat burning workout, you should keep your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Standard push-up helps to boost the strength of your chest and arms muscle.


Wide-arm push-up 

To do this fat burning workout, at first you need to place your arms out and away from your shoulders. Then you have to twist your arms a little outward in order to bear downward force. This fat burning workout specially increases the strength of chest muscle.   


Diamond push-up


In order to do this fat burning workout you need to put your two hands close together in a diamond shape. During this session, keep your two hands directly under your chest. This fat burning workout mainly depends on the strength of your arms and targets your chest as well as your abs.