Belly Fat Burning Foods


Many food magazines and websites claim to reduce fat by simply eating some specific foods. But have you ever judged their claim? Alternatively, have you ever tried to know how these foods promote fat burning? I am telling you, most of the fat burning foods have two common features. The first one is it increases metabolism rate and the other is control blood sugar level. These foods are also rich with protein and fiber that’s why it takes much time to pass through the intestine.


In this article, I will describe belly fat burning foods in terms of their categories instead of specific foods.


Unsaturated fats

There is a common notion that all fat rich leads to weight gaining. This idea is bogus. Foods like nuts, avocados, salmon and olive oil containsTrans and saturated fat that actually reduces fat. In study, it is observed that people who took monosaturated fat containing diet started storing less fat comparing to those who did not. In another study, it is found that if you switch your diet to polysaturated fat then you will start to lose your abdominal fat. This fat reduction takes place under the skin. Thus, it decreases abdominal fat.


Everyone knows that low calorie diet decreases weight but if you eat whole grain for 3 months your visceral fat will be reduced. Oats, brown rice, quinoa and barley consist group of whole grain.


Dairy foods

Children particularly teen ager is less likely to have fat in their central abdomen who regularly drink two servings of milk every day. The same effects is also found among women. Woman who follow low calorie diets with profuse milk lost more abdominal fat. Although milk provides other essential nutrients including potassium and vitamin D. The alternative of drinking milk is having yoghurt. High calcium intake removes fat from your belly. Yoghurt, whole milk, cheese are the best sources of calcium.   


Plenty protein

Most of the dietician suggests their client eggs, lean meats, salmon, whey protein and nuts as fat burning foods. These are the primary source of belly diet. As protein makes you feel full so you stay satisfied with small amount of meal.


These are the main foods for fat burning but some supportive foods that play vital role in fat burning. You can enjoy an item of barley instead of rice. Besides, almonds, walnuts, green tea further intensify belly fat burning.


Moreover, apples, oranges, berries; carrots, potatoes, squash; corn; seeds are also brings diversification in your fat burning foods. The more you try different fat burning foods the more you can stick to fat burning diet for long time and get slim and attractive body shape.